First Look: Fuji X100T

The Fuji X100T was kind of an impulsive purchase. It came to mind when realising I never took a camera with me anymore because my 5D is too heavy and bulky to be dragging around all the time and I always end up being annoyed when using a low budget compact camera. I wanted a camera that if the photo would suck it would be my own fault, not because the camera wasn’t capable of creating what I wanted. So I started reading some blogs and ended up being very interested in the X100T. Only thing which threw me off a bit was the price tag but if it was really that good then it would be worth it. Since I dislike waiting for something, having the patience skill of a little kid, I went to the store and bought it.

When I got home (which took about 5 hours because my car broke on the way home..) I took it out of its box and it’s a beautiful looking camera. The retro design gives it a nice touch, with its buttons and knobs like old film cameras it handles pretty differently than a current DSLR, but damn is this camera awesome! From what I’ve seen so far I believe it can produce the same quality images as my 5D Mark2 does. I won’t go into any technical aspects because there are hundreds of blogposts about that (like this one), but it’s really a blast to shoot with.

Today I took it to the city centre of Rotterdam, where I live, and tried to test it a bit. Planning to take it with me on (I hope) many trips I wanted to know if it was the right camera for the job. And thankfully it is! It’s quick, great with most light situations and does what you want it to do. Plus (mostly old) people stop and walk back to you to compliment you on your awesome looking camera. Probably because it looks like a camera they’ve used back in the film days haha.

Anyway, these aren’t my best photos ever but I just wanted to show some images from my first experience with this camera. (Click on image for larger size).