Iceland 2019

Ireland 2019

Roadtrip 2019

Me and my cousins Luke & Roy went on our yearly roadtrip. This time we went to Brechtesgaden, Germany and […]

VIDEO: Gran Canaria 2018

All footage shot on a GoPro Hero5.  

Surprise birthday: Disneyland Paris

Surprised my girlfriend with a trip to Disneyland for her 24th birthday.  

Scotland – North Coast 500

It’s kind of a tradition for me and my 2 cousins, Luke & Roy, to go on a road trip […]

Barcelona 2017

Videoshoot – Marseille

When I was on my trip in Indonesia I met this awesome guy Guillaume from France, we started hanging out […]

Milan + Venice

A month in Indonesia

I’ve been back in The Netherlands for about 2 months now after spending almost a month in Indonesia. It was […]

Berlin 2016

Last week me and Stephanie + 2 friends, Rowan and Kevin, went to Berlin for 6 days. Last year we […]

Morocco 2015

2015 with the Fuji X100T

In January 2015 I purchased the Fuji X100T to use as “have always with me” camera. Here are some of […]

I finally have a working camera phone again!

I finally have a new phone! The iPhone 6s came out and I always get the second last iPhone (saving […]

Shooting photos of baby Lexie

I got asked to shoot portraits of an almost 1 year old girl named Lexie. I never photographed a baby […]


Last weekend we drove to a small town called West Super Mare in the UK to visit the “bemusement park” […]

Roadtrip: Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

For the holidays, me, Stephanie and 5 friends rented a van and drove off to Croatia for a 14 day […]

Berlin with the Fuji X100T

May 29th was my birthday and we decided to drive to Berlin. It was a 8 – 9 hour drive so […]

Roadtrip through France with my cousins and the X100T

My 2 cousins Luke & Roy (brothers) asked me to join them to France, they wanted to drive around looking for nature […]

Doel, Belgium

Stephanie and I went to Doel, which is an abandoned town in Belgium. It’s an old town where all the people […]