Berlin with the Fuji X100T

May 29th was my birthday and we decided to drive to Berlin. It was a 8 – 9 hour drive so I almost spent my entire birthday in the car but Stephanie brought party hats and other stuff so we had fun anyway. We booked an apartment via AirBnB in Neukölln which was close to pretty much everything.

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The first day we rented crappy bikes and just went in a random direction, checking some of the touristic stuff and going to the “Computerspiele Museum”.

Bike rental at “Yaam Beach”

Checkpoint Charlie

Stephanie playing some new 3D game. We didn’t really feel like reading so we just played video games the entire time we were in the museum.

Yay photos of food! Delicious food!

The second day we planned on seeing some abandoned places; Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park and “Säuglings” an old Kinder-Krankenhouse. We only spent a small amount of time in Spreepark because it was pretty well guarded and we didn’t like the idea of ending up as dogfood. We had to dig through a hole under the fence to get in so we were both covered in sand/mud, funfunfun.

Spreepark welcome sign.

After Spreepark we took our bikes to the children hospital, this place has been abandoned since 1997 and it definitely looks like that. It has been burned, destroyed and everywhere you look is graffiti but it’s awesome to walk around.

Berlin was awesome! Hope to go there again soon.