I finally have a working camera phone again!

I finally have a new phone! The iPhone 6s came out and I always get the second last iPhone (saving money and stuff) so I got myself an iPhone 6. I had an iPhone 5 for 2 years but after 1 year sand and dust started living inside my lens so the camera was useless. Being able to finally use my phone as a camera again felt nice. It is always with me (I’m one of those semi-autistic people that gets really nervous when they don’t have their phone) and I heard good things about the camera-phone.


Me & Stephanie + parents went on a little trip to Bruges, Belgium. I just got my phone a day before so it was a nice opportunity to test it as a camera. It surprised me. The sharpness and quality of the photos is actually pretty good and as a “shoot random stuff” camera it works really well. Also the ability to edit them instantly (using VSCO, Instagram etc.) and being able to share an image without having to drag it through a RAW editor and Photoshop is a nice change. Of course not everything works well: A lot of noise in lowlight situations, focussing can be a pain in the ass and obviously you barely have any manual controls. But the quickness of being able to take a photo within seconds after seeing something is awesome.

Here are some of the photos shot in Bruges with the iPhone6.